Pathology Lab Test in Kewal Park

Diagnostic labs and its importance

Disease diagnosis is as important as the treatment of the disease. Until and unless the diagnosis is made correct, no doctor or medical practitioner can suggest solutions to the underlying issues. Whenever you visit a doctor, he/she suggest you a list of blood tests, urine test and various other tests. These are important to know because based on those details only proper course of treatment and medications can be suggested by a doctor. Most of the hospitals do offer in house pathological services but still there are many good clinics or hospitals even that might not provide services for every other kind of tests. Digital India Advanced Diagnostic & Imaging Centre is one such approachable and accessible pathological lab that provides accurate and timely delivery of results and there are range of it available.

Pathology lab- A brief introduction

Most of the healthcare providers may not be well acquainted with the internal functioning of a pathology lab. It involves a chain of events right after the receipt of the specimen or sample. The labs may be of different types- hospital labs which are usually a part of the hospital administration, reference lab which are commercial in nature and conduct speciality or bulk testing, and public health labs that are run under state or local health department. Be it of any kind, sufficient and appropriate staff is mandate to have.

• Pathologists
• Assistant Pathologists
• Cytotechnologists
• Histotechnologists
• Technicians
• Researchers
• Phlebotomists

Digital India Advanced Diagnostic & Imaging Centre is no different or miraculous Pathology Lab in Kewal Park, but it is well equipped with all required units and facilities that helps in diagnosis and detection of antigens. Not only they conduct multitude of Pathology Lab Test in Kewal Park, but they offer various other services including the likes of haematology, clinical pathology, immunohistochemistry (IHC), histopathology, FNAC or cytopathology diagnosis, microbiology diagnosis etc. It follows certain functioning protocol and guidelines to ensure that correct output is delivered after correct observation.

How it is important to medical field- Conclusion

They are the primary source of disease identification. Normal cough, cold might be something severe if not tested at the right time. Pathology lab uses samples from blood, urine or various other body fluids and sample these specimens to further test it under microscope. It is therefore one of the major branches of medical science. The testing not only helps in identifying the antigen, but also helps in understanding the extent of progress of the ailment in the body. A full-fledged lab set up is required to perform lab functions. Basically, the course of treatment, what medicines in what dose to be given – all depends on the effective diagnosis of the lab. You can also visit the nearest Path Labs in Kewal Park to do a self-check-up. This does not most of the time requires a prescription from the doctor, but for different tests, certain pre check up measures must be applicable. Therefore, path labs also help in preventing the onset of a disease by self-diagnosis at regular intervals. It therefore is a part and parcel of the entire process of disease diagnosis and treatment.