RT PCR test in Azadpur

Combating the spread of COVID with new Testing Techniques

Of late there has been an outburst of the new virus i.e., covid virus in India and other parts of the world. An ideal and logistic way of identifying the presence of the same is through RT PCR test that is available at various medical labs and centres across the country. For RT PCR test in Adarsh Nagar, one can rely on Digital India Advanced Diagnostic & Imaging Centre, which is located in the streets of Adarsh Nagar itself. It also offers reliable diagnostic services as well as RT PCR test in Azadpur and nearby localities at an affordable competitive price.

Brief about RT PCR

RT PCR or Reverse Transcriptase, by definition is a polymerase chain reaction that impacts RNA of the body to form complementary DNA. This cDNA is further used for PCR amplification. RT PCR can be either done in a single step or in two steps. Apart from SARS virus, this RT PCR can be used for detection of various other viruses including that for dengue, hantavirus, HIV, HCV among others.

The spread of COVID has been on a rise since last two years and to combat the effect, adequate testing measures need to be incorporated, one such step of diagnosis is via RT PCR testing. For RT PCR test in Azadpur, a patient’s nasopharyngeal or oropharyngeal swab is taken as samples for COVID 19 diagnosis. The samples are then processed at the lab to detect the presence of virus. The lab does not limit itself to just RT PCR test in Azadpur but it also utilizes latest technologies and state of art diagnostic equipments for other services including the following:

• Haematology
• Clinical Pathology
• Immunohistochemistry
• Histopathology
• FNAC/Cytopathology diagnosis
• Microbiology diagnosis

While visiting a diagnostic centre or pathology lab these days, most people are worried about the hygienic and safety conditions there. The team at Digital India Advanced Diagnostic & Imaging Centre, a patient’s safety is of prime importance and to ensure that the lab is cleaned and sanitised at regular intervals. Each and every staff has been fully vaccinated so as to prevent the spread the infection.

Why choose Digital India Advanced Diagnostic & Imaging Centre for RT PCR test in Adarsh Nagar

• State of art infrastructure
• Modern and latest diagnostic equipments
• Full time Radiologists, Pathologists, Anaesthetists, Biochemists, Microbiologist, Gynaecologist and wellness consultants
• Well experienced team of experts
• Easy and safe sample collection from home
• Timely delivery of reports with high rate of accuracy

Apart from single tests, the lab also offers health packages for different profiles at reasonable price. More and more people are these days relying on such diagnostic labs for virus testing and Digital India Advanced Diagnostic & Imaging Centre is one of the reliable centres for RT PCR test in Azadpur and around.